Current Mission: Faith Ana

Господи, послушал си желанието на кротките; Ще утвърдиш сърцето им; Ще направиш внимателно ухото Си,
За да отсъдиш за сирачето и угнетения, Тъй щото човекът, който е от земята, да не застрашава вече.

You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted;
    you encourage them, 
and you listen to their cry,
defending the fatherless and the oppressed...
Psalm 10:17-18

Meet Faith Ana...

Faith Ana is a five year old little girl who was born with spina bifida. This precious little one also has a nervous system disorder, known as Arnold-Chiari Syndrome. She is unable to walk and has spent her entire life in an institution in Bulgaria, where many of the children with special needs are neglected and malnourished.

Her little feet may not be able to move, but she has a Father in Heaven who has moved the hearts of a family halfway around the world...

It's not the first time the Lord has opened the hearts of Will and Melanie Blackmon to the cries of the children of Bulgaria. They recently completed their first adoption, bringing home a six year old little girl who was completely non-verbal and developmentally at the level of a one year old. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page to read Sophi's story and to see an updated picture - a picture of redemption, a mission accomplished.  It's a beautiful story that is still being written - a story of hope, healing, and transformation. All glory and praise to the One who sets the lonely in families!

Six months after bringing Sophi home, the Blackmons knew the Lord was choosing them to choose again! Lifting them off their feet, He is enabling them to walk down this path of faith - an adventure that's continuing to grow their faith as He leads them to their Faith. The Blackmons hope to have Faith Ana home sometime in early 2014 and greatly appreciate your prayers and support as they trust Him to provide her ransom.

There are many ways you can participate in this mission. Check out the sidebar for current fundraisers and follow their family's blog at to watch as their story unfolds!

Once our eyes are opened, 
we cannot pretend we do not know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls,
knows we know and holds us responsible to act.

Proverbs 24:10


Mission Complete: Lina

God sets the lonely in families...
Psalm 68:6
Meet Lina...
Lina, just like Sophi, is a 5 year old little girl with very special needs. An orphanage in Bulgaria is her home, and it is here that she spends day after day and night after night. Along with 250 other children at this orphanage, Lina's little life is confined to her crib with very limited care, poor nutrition, and no hope for a future.  

Psalm 146:9 says that the Lord "sustains the fatherless" and  Psalm 10:14 says, "But you, O God, do see trouble and grief; You consider it to take it in hand.  The victim commits himself to You; You are the helper of the fatherless."

Surely, the Lord has seen this precious tiny girl, and He alone has sustained her! Here is what you must know about Lina:  She weighs only 11 pounds, and, yes, she is 5! Her little life is a miracle. For five years, she has waited in this orphanage, and now what an amazing story is unfolding for sweet Lina and the family the Lord has chosen for her!

Right now, the Lord is going before her, defending her cause, and moving mountains to bring her to the home He has chosen and prepared for her. Barely a month ago, the Lord stirred the hearts of Brian and Stephanie Carpenter for little Lina, and they were willing to follow Him, just as they have been for their other three adopted little girls.  In this short time period, He has parted the sea of the international adoption process and made a way for them to complete their home study and immigration in miraculous time. They are hoping, praying, and preparing to meet Lina before Christmas!  This just doesn't happen in the adoption timeline!  Then again, His ways are not our ways, and His timing is not ours!

In addition, you should know that Stephanie Carpenter was the adoption advocate that sent the email that the Lord used to capture the hearts of the Blackmon's to choose Sophi (see "Looking Back" at! God is knitting children into homes and families with other families.  Praise be to Him!

To help bring Lina home, raise awareness, and create a reminder and connection with her, you can purchase an Orphan Scarf or Faith Bracelet in the Lina stripe!  Or you may want to start filling a Ransom Can and donate the blessing that the Lord provides!  All profits go toward her adoption!

To learn more about Lina's story, the Carpenter's journey, and other fundraising opportunities, go to !


Mission Complete: Sophi

God can do anything, you know-
 far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams...
Ephesians 3:20-21, The Message
Meet Sophi...
Sophi is a 5 year old little girl in an orphanage in the Eastern European country of Bulgaria. That orphanage has been her only home since she was 9 days old. That's more than 2000 days...and counting! Because she has spent her whole life in an institution she faces many developmental challenges. She is tiny for her age. She does not speak. She does not feed herself. She is withdrawn. She does not interact with her environment. Her medical records, although quite limited, make it clear. She needs a family. She needs a home. She needs it quickly!

There is a thread of grace and redemption that runs through every adoption story!

On the other side of the globe is the family that God is weaving her life together with! Choosing her are a momma and daddy and four young brothers who already love her as a daughter and sister! Her adoption is in process and our mission is to go and help get her!            
The only picture they have of her is this one with the crazy-cool stockings!  So, we've used them as inspiration for the scarf and bracelet detailed on the side!  And ALL the proceeds go towards her adoption!  Purchasing an item is a cool way to participate, raise awareness, and stay reminded of the role we are called to play in the lives of the fatherless.

Some may be able to simply donate.  Others may want a Ransom Can to inspire savings to help bring her home! But, above all else, you can join us in praying for Sophi, her adoptive family, her biological family, her caretakers, and everyone involved in her adoption process!  

Help bring Sophi home!

You can follow her adoption and connect with her family at